Goodbye Ko Samet!

checking out the view!
sexy sexy!

typical beach scene
bye bye ko samet!

today we said goodbye to Ko Samet. in a way, i was kinda glad. i had enough beach and sun and stuff. which is kinda scary considering that the entire rest of my vacation will mostly be beaches… ah! i might run away to the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia and hide there for a while.

anyhow, i said goodbye to: amazing Thai massage (better than sex, i think!), my first encounter with vanilla flavoured vodka since home (i was *so* happy!), too much drinking, too much dancing, too many guys trying to get with me (really, it gets annoying. what a meat market!), short nights and lazy days. my time with the Thai girls was great actually, especially the one i was sharing my room with (her name is Amp).

tonight i am back in Khoasan road. i have to say that I’m appreciating it a whole lot more now, along with Bangkok. the dichotomies in this city are simply amazing and i guess that i wasn’t seeing them before. i will talk more about that another day though.

I’ve just eaten diner at a very fancy restaurant with the Thai girls and i have to say that it was the best Thai food that i have ever eaten. to die for! and they paid for everything (close to 25 USD in food, just crazy!) so i now am going to my room, getting dressed up and going back out to buy them lots of drinks.

I’m glad that I’ve met them.

the gang!
some sort of fish with thai salad porc with garlic
chicken in green curry and coconut milk fried shrimp cakes


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