Chicken flu and body shots

when the rain fall constantly there seems to be nothing better to do than to dance the night away. really it usually isn’t what I’m looking for in a day but last night when we kept getting power outages i was really worried that the only entertainment in this city would be taken away from us. fortunately it wasn’t.

The rain does make for interesting going-out looks:

stylin' nha trang style

i was right about Nha Trang: it is a lot more like Cancun. the only thing is that there’s only really 3-4 bars here, so the proportions are quite off but the debauchery seems to persist regardless. this one bar has what looks like dentist chairs set up specifically to facilitate body shots and encourages people to go up on the bar and flash/moon the crowd for a free t-shirt. bars offer drinks in big jars or what looks like small beach buckets. it’s crazy that people can drink those things, and still be standing… what’s crazier though is that people stay here, it seems, for a long time. from a week to a couple months… just insanity.

but where are the french people? they are absolutely everywhere in Vietnam and in insane quantities but here in Nha Trang, nothing. only British people. weird!

we are leaving tomorrow for Mui Ne, the one place in Vietnam that i most want to see. hopefully the guidebook is right and Mui Ne is really in a separate weather pattern… hopefully the rain won’t be following us, but I’m sure that it will. the monsoon is big and is everywhere.

as a side note, to those of you who might worry: we are deliberately avoiding chickens and ducks like the plague. we have been known to cross the street to stay away from them… but fortunately Vietnam isn’t Laos and free running chickens in the cities seems to be less of a common occurrence.


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