last night in laos!

tonight I’ll make a night of it, I’ll eat a nice meal and have my last beer Lao. but it will be an early night, I’ve only got so many kipps yet and if i spend too much I’ll have to start using my USD!

tomorrow i have to be at the airport at 3pm, so i will still have time to enjoy Laos a little more and take things slowly. i have booked my hotel in Hanoi and have even arranged transportation with the hotel – a driver will wait for me at the airport, with a sign with my name on it! how classy is that! i will have a lovely room with balcony in the old quarter waiting for me on arrival… i love it! and on the 2nd, Katy (whom i met in Tokyo, she was an English teacher there) will meet me at the hotel for months of travel together. I’m really looking forward to it! it will be nice to have someone around, to really talk to! to get to know!

today with the Swedish guys i met in Vang Vien we went to the golden Stuppa, the most sacred sight in Lao. it was nice, but not breathtakingly so. regardless, i think it made for some good pictures. afterward they left for Bangkok and i walked around, grabbed a pastry and did some reading. a relaxing day. a good day.

a funny thing about Laos is that ever since I’ve been here i have been waking up real early. i am usually a night person but here, i wake up at 6 am everyday… except for today, which was the record breaking of all time: 4:45 am!!! how annoying is that? i wonder if Vietnam will be the same, or if I’ll get back to my old self?

Here are random shots from around town:


flower and ant


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