Leaving Luang Prabang

I’ve loved this city, with it’s blue skies, amazing white clouds, brown rivers, multitude of shades of green and of the monk’s orange robes. i will miss the relaxed atmosphere, the absence of cars, the roads with mud.

tomorrow i am moving on to Vang Vien, which is also supposed to be beautiful and small. well, everything is small in Laos! no tall buildings here yet, no big streets, not a big population. every time i look at the beautiful abandoned house down the road i want to buy it, but with what money! ha!

moving on means getting up early… maybe by doing so i’ll wake up on time to see the monks receive food and catch a few good pictures.

today i slept-in… and woke up at 9am. there was a big storm during the night after the power went out, completely unrelated i think. ate breakfast, exchanged some yuans, walked around and had an hour long conversation with a monk on the hill here. he gave me a beautiful drawing that he did… I’m afraid that I’ll damage it in my bag.

watched another movie tonight, with the museum lady. it was “code 46” and it wasn’t so good but it was a good distraction. then we said goodbye, as she went to bed and i went to the internet cafe. it was weird saying goodbye…

when traveling you’re always saying goodbye.

Here are some pictures from today:

drying robes


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