the sun is setting over Luang Pranang. from the window at the internet cafe, i can see palm trees and a beautiful pale blue and light orange sky. perhaps i should have gone to the mountain Wat (temple) today to see the sunset over the city. the sky is not too cloudy: the view would have been spectacular.

but I’ve been up since 6am (i just woke up… and the roosters are really annoying!!!) and the heat has been really draining. it’s really hot here! hot and humid. i think had i arrived here directly from japan i would have been OK, but after spending more than a week in the Yunnan province, where it’s cool, the heat is very hard. I’m sweaty and i stink! it’s very charming. perhaps that’s why i haven’t really met anyone here yet! Haha!

this morning i wet to the royal museum/palace with a lady I’ve met in my hotel. she’s working for the museum for 7 weeks and after some constant questioning i still don’t really know what she’s doing at the museum. but she did a master in museum studies at Harvard, so! anyhow, i got to go in the palace for free and got a private tour of the place, which was wonderful.

imperial palace's temple

afterward i simply walked around, trying to do as many streets and temples between the palace and where the two rivers meet. the city is beautiful, incredibly quiet: it’s easy to be alone somewhere, or alone with some locals going about everyday life at home. i simply adore it here, it has such an easy, safe feel. and the temples are amazing, and i love temples! unfortunately most of them are locked up to prevent looting… but the outside is often enough to amaze.

besside the mekong!

unfortunately i had to spend a good chunk of my day burning CDs. i ran out of memory on my cards and i found out that the CDs i had burned while in Kunming at the Camellia hotel did not work. good thing i hadn’t deleted the pictures from my card! it looks like there’s a virus that lodged itself on one of my cards and now when i burn the pictures the CD fails. but i can still see the pictures… so i guess I’ll have to transfer pictures to a computer instead of burning from the card. but it would take a while and would most probably infect the computer. so I’ll try to do with one card for now!

i also wasted a lot of time going from travel agency to travel agency trying to find a place that was 1. going to the Buddha caves tomorrow and 2. had people already signed up to go so i wouldn’t a. be by myself and b. pay for the entire boat by myself. after over 10 shops and close to 1h, i found a place for $7 USD that included the tuk tuks and the boat ride there. and had 6 people already going! I’m happy now. i get to do what i most wanted to do in this country!

tonight i think that I’ll go to “l’étranger” bookstore-resto and watch “y tu mama tambien“. i can’t wait to see if Laos did some editing on the film… and it will be nice to see a great movie, and eat good food.


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