China, where the prostitutes are easy but getting ripped off is easier

yesterday did not start as a good day. i wanted to call my mom and so headed down to the Camelia hotel’s business center. really, that should have been my first hint. i asked the guy at the desk how much it was to call Canada and he said: 8 minutes, Y2. so i repeated what he said and asked him to confirm the price, twice. and he confirmed, twice. so i say ok, and make my phone call. i timed it to be 16 minutes and when i hung up, he asked me to pay. but not Y4: Y147. i was shocked! so i start to argue (and honestly, “lost face”) and so the manager comes and says: it’s Y8.20 per minutes. ha! i would have never talked so long had i known! no matter how much i argued, and the fact that he misinformed me, nothing would give. i was to pay. it was my fault. eventually i got a Y10 reduction… but it’s the principle that really got me. so, to those travelers out there: never make an international phone call from the Camelia hotel in Kunming. or at least, get the cost down in writing.

bad thing number 2: my anti-malaria pills are making me really sick. yesterday was my second day and had such bad nausea that i 1. had sweats, 2. felt dizzy, 3. puked in the car (in a bag, thank god) on the way to the bus station. fun! i really hope that things get better. i can’t imagine 5 months of dealing with this. really.


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Canadian girl living in Texas, off to see the world when she can!
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