hello beijing!

as soon as we landed in Beijing i knew where i was. there’s no mistaking that China is China, so unlike Japan, there is no way that i can tell myself that this could be anywhere else in the world.

Beijing is the most polluted city i have ever seen. there is a huge brown cloud that hangs over the city and blocks the sights. the streets are dirty (but not as bad as i thought it would be) and there’s a smell to Beijing… the dust and pollution makes you very thirsty.

and only Beijing would welcome visitors at the airport with wonderful western toilets, but paper-less toilet.

the youth hostel was hard to find, and finding a taxi was even harder, but I’m really happy about my choice. the place is beautiful and wonderful and there’s tons of great people here. i think that i couldn’t have made a better choice. and I’m sharing my room with only 3 other people! wonderful.

tonight i went to Tiananmen Square, watched the lowering of the flag and the place light up. i think that i really prefer Beijing at night, it just seems more beautiful and people in the streets here are doing their things, like playing cards in the middle of the street.

Beijing is not as bad as i imagined. but i am certain that getting around will be difficult. and people do really target you and try to sell you stuff. hello! hello! i just stopped looking at them. it seems to be working.

anyhow, i am very tired and will now go to bed. i do not have any plans for tomorrow so we will see what happens!

Here are some pictures from today:

Fruit stand right around the corner from the hostel, and located right beside the best dumplings restaurant ever.

Propaganda art in the Square.

getting ready to lower the flag
Getting ready to lower the flag.

forbidden city at night
The Forbidden City.

"fried vegetables" or so it said
Don’t trust the menu – these were advertised as fried vegetables.


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