3 days left… only, and not enough

it’s getting late and I’ve just spent what seems to be for ever responding to emails and trying to catch up on things. I’ve been uploading pictures that i took during the photo shoot for my work’s spring 2006 catalog but only now realized that it’s been taking hours to upload 6 pictures because each files is about 5mb… i feel like I’m stuck in the early 90’s of computing all over again. i swear, i had 14.4 connection until my second year of university. yes, i stretched the lame connection well past y2k. somehow, it passed.

I’m not going to write in caps, since I’m way too tired…

it’s been really weird lately. i had my last complete Thursday, my last Friday. my last Saturday, my last Sunday, my last Monday, my last day at work. I’ve been running around buying what must be way too many things, burning a hole in my wallet. I’ve been trying to catch up with everything, be it this blog, work or my shopping list and only now did i fully, completely and utterly realized that it’s all in vain because i will never catch up. there will always be something forgotten, left behind, incomplete. i have to give up and accept it. let go of it and move on.

today was my last day at work. it was weird and one of my co-workers cried, which made it harder, but also, sweeter. because it means that i was liked.

today i met with the catalog’s designers and had a great time going over the design and talking about my trip. like many others, they offered to help me find work when I’ll get back, which was quite nice of them. it’s amazing how friendly people have been lately.

today i purchased my japan rail pass and my hosteling card (only useful in Japan & Australia really…). last minute much? but Greg at STA remembered my name, even after not being in there for over 2 months. how nice is that?

today i went shopping at Granville island for the last time. took the ferry for the last time. cooked a steak for the last time. bought bunch of fruits and stuff that I’ll probably be eating for the last time, such as white nectarines, which are the most amazing thing out there.

i say last time… i guess it has this fatalistic sound to it. i mean, last time for a while, last time before my return, last time for another 8 months.


About Magalie

Canadian girl living in Texas, off to see the world when she can!
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