The Apple Store (Canada)

The Apple Store (Canada)

So a girl can dream, no? I’ve already talked about the kick ass camera that I’ve been dreaming about since I saw it on Saturday. But I’ve been dreaming about this for a while now. And this is a iPod Photo, which is technically an improved dream. With the new Apple discounts, the regular iPod now costs the same as the fancy photo one, so why not just go for the better one? I mean, I’d get hours and hours of music and still have room to store pictures on it. Technically though, I could only afford the 20G one ($380), meaning that using the entire thing for pictures only, I could only store an equivalent of 30 pictures a day for 8 months. I say only, because anyone who knows me and me + camera knows that I can easily take a few hundred pics a day. Why, just in Mexico, I took 600 pictures in 9 days. Yesterday, we took 120 pictures, and we were being conservative. Last weekend, we took over 400 pictures in 3 days.

I would need bigger, but then again I always want more than I can afford. Technically, I shouldn’t even bother with it altogether. But it would be so great for my long plane rides, bus rides, lonely nights…

I think I’ll indulge if I skip on the good zoom camera… I hate having to compromise! I want it all!

PS: will anyone actually attending university (Victor, wanna help?) let me use their Apple discount? I’d save $40 on the iPod…


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