I’m Back From Mexico!

I got back yesterday from sunny and warm Mexico. The flights were easy, the views were nice and well, it was a long day, considering with transit that I spent over 8 hours either in a plane or in an airport.

I miss Mexico, I itch to go back to this beautiful little town my mom and I discovered on Friday. Honestly, I’d leave anytime to go back to that town. In some ways, my mind is still a little bit in Mexico. I’m still dreaming and feel far away. No wonder that I wasn’t much into it at work! It was not easy getting back to everyday life… especially knowing that I’m leaving again in not so long.

I will have to gather my thoughts and my pictures before I post more detailed information about my trip, but I should start posting before the end of the week, hopefully! I did take heeps of pictures though, 600 to be exact. Insane, I know. How I’ll make it in Asia, who knows. But right now this means hours of Photoshop, uploading, sorting… so it ain’t ganna be easy! But it will get done.

¡Hasta proximo, amigos!


About Magalie

Canadian girl living in Texas, off to see the world when she can!
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