As you know, I bought my one-way ticket last week or so. I had been meaning to get a picture of me with my ticket and show off. But all of the picture looked bad! Not because of the photographer, or the camera. I just looked bad!

Finally yesterday David got this great shot. So there it is: me and my ticket to Tokyo and Beijing.


I also wanted to write last week about the developments with my return ticket. I heard from a travel agent that tickets had opened up for March and so I went to see Greg at STA to check it out. Well, the dates were not in the computer yet but he called the head office again and sweet talked them into opening up the dates for me, since they had already been negotiated. Because entering all of the tickets into the database for those dates would take a while, I was told to come back mid-week (aka, today).

David and I went there after work, all excited that 1) I’d get to buy my return flight and that 2) he’d get to buy his ticket to Australia + Fiji. Greg saw us sitting on the couch and he was happy to let me know that my tickets were in! After a long wait we got to sat down with someone and started setting everything up. And then, of course, the dates were not in! It’s just the kind of luck I’ve been having… or the kind of day it’s been. So we were pretty bummed that we wouldn’t be leaving STA with tickets, again. Greg said that he’d call the head office again. And that he’d call me back tomorrow. I really hope that I get to buy my return soon. I need to apply for my visa soon!

I have to say that Greg is a great guy. He’s certainly the best travel agent that I’ve met in my quest for a round-Asia ticket. He remembers me, he makes phone calls for me to the head office and to the main buyers, etc… I’m very happy that I found him after all of this time. It’s just good to know that what I was looking for was out there. I’m glad that I didn’t settle for what everyone else was offering. And I’ll be even more glad when I’ll have my Pacific Airline ticket in my hands!


About Magalie

Canadian girl living in Texas, off to see the world when she can!
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