My Travel Shopping – Packing List

This list is in no particular order and contains pretty much everything that I think I might need. Items in bold have already been purchased/taken care of. If anyone sees something overly useless in my list, or find that something very important is missing, please let me know! It’s really difficult to figure out what you might, and might not need for the next 8 months, and not go overboard. Any help and insight will be much appreciated!

Please note that this list will be constantly updated as new items are purchased, added or removed.

I need to buy:

Sowing kit, medical/first aid kit, duct tape, tensor bandage(s), anti-fungus cream, Tiger Balm, Tylenols, Pepto Bysmol, Gravol, laxative, numerous sunscreens, sunburn relief, cream to help foot cracks, insect repellent, antihistamine, digital camera (ideally with a spectacular macro and a great optical zoom), waterproof bag, Ziploc bags, diary, pens, cheap sunglasses, prescription glasses, rain/wind jacket and/or umbrella, yeast infection medicine, water purification tablets/pristine, water purification pump ($80), re-hydration packs, alarm clock, cheap watch ($20), snowboard/backpack lock, zipper travel locks, maps (China ($14), SE Asia, Australia), multiple guidebooks (Japan ($40), Beijing, SE Asia, Australia), language guides ($39.73), matches, soap – body and laundry, utility knife, dental floss, dry fast towel ($18), fake wedding ring, scotch tape, mask for anti-airborne agents, ear drops for salt water infections, ear plugs, hand sanitizer, day pack with bladder ($55), good sandals ($115), shoes, light and smart travel clothing, reading material, regular and camera batteries, extra memory card for camera, travel clothesline, sink stopper for hotel sinks, antibiotic cream, motion sickness medicine, vitamins, personal hygiene items, hair brush, toothbrush and paste, bathing suits, backpack (specially made for women Vaude 60L at special discount price of $185 thanks to Europe Bound), backpack rain cover, hat/scarf, head lamp (Coghlan’s Lead Head, free thanks to my mom), Canadian flag patch (free, thanks to Europe Bound), Nalgene bottle ($11), deodorant, make up, mirror, shampoo/conditioner, lip balm, money belt (about $12), electrical converter or adapter, razor, inflatable neck pillow, bandages, sarong, mosquito net, hostel sheet, locks.

I need to get or organize:

Anti-Malarial medication, Hepatitis A shot ($40), Yellow Fever shots, passport, 12 or more passport pictures, travel/life/health insurance ($397, STA full package of travel insurance), Visas (for China ($50), Laos and Vietnam ($79 + $36 shipping)), list of emergency numbers and contact information, address book, plane tickets (one-way to Beijing with stop over in Tokyo on JAL, $963.95 with STA – one-way return on Pacific Airline with stop over in Fiji, $1010 with STA), health documentation, first few nights hotel reservation, travelers checks, credit cards (Visa and MC), USD and Yen currency, copies of important documents and personal identification, list of accounts and copies of documentation to leave at home for family, an internationally accepted debit card.

Total cost so far: $3166

Fulfilling a life-long dream and breaking my own boundaries: priceless.

Now… how am I supposed to fit all of this in my backpack? And if it does fit, how do I keep it from weighting no more than 25 pounds?


About Magalie

Canadian girl living in Texas, off to see the world when she can!
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