Vacation Waiting

I realize now that what I posted on the first of March about my having to wait another month to try to book my plane ticket just made no sense. Now I’m pretty sure that she told me to wait until March 15, which is next week, and not such a big deal. I must have been very distracted at that time, lost as to what day of the month and what month it was… At this point, there’s no reason as to why I wouldn’t wait for that. I really hope that she can help me then and find me an amazing deal that was worth the wait. And if not, I’m crossing my fingers that my American Airline ticket will not have gone up in price.

I’ve also been waiting for my credit card. Last month I applied for my first credit card, a Master Card, and I’ve yet to hear any news. Some of the information was missing on the application form and I figured that they’d call me to sort that out, but I guess not… I just really do not want to have my application rejected, especially since there’s no reason as to why it would be. I’d like to have my own card to buy my ticket, that way I could get some of the insurance covered at the same time… Hopefully I’ll hear from them soon.

Hopefully I’ll be able to stop waiting to start making my dream a reality.


About Magalie

Canadian girl living in Texas, off to see the world when she can!
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