Ever since I placed that countdown script on my blog I get stressed out each time that I get to look at it. I cannot believe that as of today, there’s only 140 days left of planning. Left of working. Left to save money. It’s insane! Late July seems so far away in my head but to see the actual number of days left really brings it home. I’m not ready for this! All that I have so far is my backpack, a Canadian flag patch and a Nalgene bottle. I have so many things to buy! And I’ll never be able to save all of the money that I’ll need in order to avoid going into my credit line. But I won’t back down because of stress and fear. I just need to get myself into action mode. Buy stuff, plan stuff, learn stuff.

And I need to get this blog really started. I need to finish the design add-ons and finish the texts. I have all of these “text goes here” reminders and I need to get around to that. That’s the one good thing about starting the blog early. I get to do all of this stuff well in advance and save myself headaches weeks before leaving or while on the road. For once, I’m not procrastinating!


About Magalie

Canadian girl living in Texas, off to see the world when she can!
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